About Us

Country Club Ridge is located on East Hartsdale Avenue and the north and south sides of Rockledge Road in Hartsdale, Westchester County, New York.  The location of the property is in itself, unique.  The property is bordered on one side by the Scarsdale town line and on two other sides by the principal Hartsdale shopping area and the Metro North railroad station, both on the perimeter of the property.

It is significant that residents of Country Club Ridge need no automobile transportation, public or private, for immediate access to shopping or the railroad to downtown New York City (a monthly commutation pass is available).

Due to a slight rise in terrain and an abundance of foliage, neither the business district nor the railroad station encroach upon or obstruct views from the property.

The co-op is garden-style spread out over 15 acres.  The 19 buildings, which were constructed in 1947, contain 248 residential apartments.  There are lawn courtyard areas throughout the complex, which have been landscaped and are maintained by CCR’s gardeners.  Residents can garden, set up barbecue grills and picnic tables in front of their homes, or just relax in their lounge chairs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.