Recycling Guidelines

An icon of Saturday morning television for kids, way back when all programming was in glorious black & white, was introduced to us by the inimitable “Captain” with the following words:   Let’s Go Green, With Mr. Greenjeans!

I don’t expect the majority of residents at CCR to remember the giant of the small screen, but the beat goes on. We’re still going Green. At this juncture in our Human evolution, everyone knows something about Recycling. However, just so all of us are on the same page, here is the updated version of the Do’s and Don’t’s of recycling that we need to adhere to:

Paper & Cardboard
Do – Newspapers, glossy inserts, phone books, magazines, junk mail, brown paper bags, corrugated and grey cardboard boxes
Don’t – Milk Cartons (waxed), Plastic & Styrofoam Packing material, Books, Vinyl, Toys, Hangers, Utensils, Motor Oil and Pesticide containers, Solvents 

Do – Jars and Bottles of any size and color
Don’t – Light Bulbs, Drinking Glasses, Crystal, Window and Mirror glass Ceramic ware, Kitchen Cookware, Hazardous Materials empty glass containers

Do – Food and Beverage Cans, Clean Aluminum Foil and Trays, Empty Aerosol Cans
Don’t – Empty Paint Cans, Hazardous Materials Containers, Scrap metal, Wire, Pipes, Tubing Motors, Sheet Metal, Appliances, Auto Parts.


Do – Those commonly used for Food, Beverages, Detergents, Household Cleaners, Shampoo bottles and caps
Don’t – Dry Cleaning Bags, Packing Materials, Vinyl, Plastic Grocery Bags, Cups, Trays, Toys, Furniture, Tableware, Fixtures, Hazardous Materials containers, i.e., motor oil, pesticides, solvents

Fridays are Bulk Pick-Up Days
If you have large items to be disposed of, please call the Superintendent, and he will instruct you where to leave them. Items such as Christmas trees can be left at your section’s garbage collection point.

Electronic Waste Disposal – Televisions, Computers, Radios, Printers, Toasters, Coffee Makers, Telephones, etc. cannot be thrown in the dumpsters. These items must be brought to the DPW Yard at 100 Sprain Road in Ardsley, from 7 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday. If you have a large item that you are unable to dispose of, call the Superintendent at (914) 723-1919 and he will arrange for its disposal. 

Appliances – Special arrangements must be made in advance when disposing of large appliances. Call the Superintendent to have this scheduled.

Remember: Acceptable, per above, Containers (glass, metal, and plastics) can be mixed in your recycling bin. Also, if you would be so kind, please use clear, plastic outdoor-size trash bags; this will ensure that the recyclables are sorted properly and maximize our efforts to do it for the earth.

We cannot possibly cover every conceivable item in this brief memo, but as the “Captain” would say – you get the idea.

Now for the big news you’ve all be waiting for – Recycling Goes 21st Century!

Yes, you read that correctly – In 2015, recycling nationwide has gone beyond paper, glass, metal, and plastic; it is now textile!

Textile recycling is steadily growing in Apartment complexes, Retail outlets, Community centers, Housing authorities, School systems, and other locations. Over the years, our disposable society has tossed into the garbage gently used clothing; clothing that can be used again by folks that want to save precious natural resources, reduce pollution, minimize carbon emissions, and go easy on landfills.

As a result, Country Club Ridge is pleased to partner with USAgain (pronounced use again), a leader in the textile recycling industry since 1999. USAgain is a for-profit company that recycles and reuses clothing, shoes, and other textiles.

CCR will benefit from this arrangement three ways – we will be Eco-friendly; make recycling textiles easy for our residents by not having them “schlep” clothing outside the complex; receive quarterly revenue from our partner based on the poundage we donate: a win-win-win situation for all of us. 

As a result of our eagerness to roll out this new addition to CCR’s already successful Recycling efforts, we prematurely asked USAgain to place a Clothing Bin at CCR outside the Main garage, next to the garbage containers. However, after careful consideration, your CCR Board of Directors has revised that decision to have carts with wheels inside, away from the view of residents and the general public.  

We have selected smaller containers that will comfortably fit inside a few strategically located Laundry Rooms in key spots around the complex. We will start with 4 spots (there are 13 laundry rooms in CCR) and evaluate the success of the program each quarter. If the program is successful after 2 quarters, and warrants the need for expansion, then we may add 2 more; repeating this 2 quarters later – only adding bins to laundry rooms if it’s warranted based on the success of the program.

Here are the Do’s and Dont’s of Textile Recycling:
Do: All clothing, shoes, blankets, bed sheets, towels, gloves, hats, scarves, etc.
Don’t: Non-textile, wet or oil-soaked textiles, rugs, carpets, pillows, mattresses, furniture, televisions, computers.

All of our residents can read more about Textile Recycling in the USAgain newspaper which discusses Our Changing Climate and is available in the CCR Maintenance office.

To quote one memorable trio – no, not the 3 Stooges – the 3 Musketeers: “All for one and one for all”. If we can remember these eloquent words while moving through life here at CCR, we’ll all be better for it.

See you on the Ridge Line – where Rockledge Rd. meets Hartsdale Ave – the place to be.










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