Children Playing on Grounds

The Board of Directors has received complaints from several residents concerning the
use of the courtyards and grounds as a playground for children. Specifically, the area by #65-#69 Rockledge.

As you know, the common areas and courtyards are for the use and enjoyment of all of residents. At Country Club Ridge, we must all be courteous and considerate of all residents who share common areas. We do not mind letting children play. However, when it causes destruction to the property, it becomes a concern. There used to be flowers and bushes in the area by #65-#69 which are no longer there. The grass is now dirt. These items are expensive to replace. We have attached a picture for your reference.

We would like to remind you that courtyards at Country Club Ridge are not playgrounds. Please do not allow children to dig in the flowerbeds or around bushes, chalk up sidewalks and other areas.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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